Devasya Five Element
When entering Chat room/Forum it is preferred that you use your in game names and follow Devasya Five Element format (DFE/Free_IGN_FBname).
Example: DFE/Hashirama_Hokage it mean My Clan DFE (Devasya Five Element), my name char NS is Hashirama, and my Facebook name is Hokage.

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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:24 am

General Rules:

- Players will NOT attack without any orders from the Scout/Signal Master under any circumstances.

- No spamming with abusive or foul language.

- No advertising.

- No AFK-ing on the CHAT ROOM (log out if you are not around)

- No cheating, use of 3rd party programs, hacks, etc.

- No discussion of hacks or links to hacks websites both in forum and chat room.

- No harassment towards other members.

- No Posting of Links in MAIN chat-do it in PM.


- SPEAK ENGLISH when using our chat room.

- No posing as an ADMIN/Moderator Member.

- No asking [Admins] for Tokens. (except if he/she your sponsor)

- Do not ask by force to Admins/Modes/members for ANY favours.

- Do not talk on chat room when admins having discussions.

- If any member can not answer back with in 5mis, that individual must be ban/kick out from the chat room (when ask PW or something).

- When you enter the chat room PM Admins/Modes the password and use your real IGN.

Any Member that breaks these rules can end up temporary or permanently banned from the Clan, depending on the gravity of the infraction.

SO IT WAS WRITTEN..........SO IT SHALL BE DONE.............

Clan Master
Admin-Moderator-Forum Master
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General Rules
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