Devasya Five Element
When entering Chat room/Forum it is preferred that you use your in game names and follow Devasya Five Element format (DFE/Free_IGN_FBname).
Example: DFE/Hashirama_Hokage it mean My Clan DFE (Devasya Five Element), my name char NS is Hashirama, and my Facebook name is Hokage.

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PostSubject: DEVASYA FIVE ELEMENT's CODE OF CONDUCT   Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:17 am


An Act to Ordain and Institute Devasya Five Element’s Code of Conduct.

Section 1:
Effect and Application of the Rules

1-1: Let it be known that this rule shall be observed by every member of the clan, otherwise he/she shall be kicked off the clan without any warning.

1-2: Every member is mandated to join/register the "Devasya Five Element FORUM" to be aware of the strategies, tactics and future plans of the clan. Once joined, it is mandatory that all members must check the Official Announcement|Clan Updates ALL THE TIME and reply to the Topics|Threads in the forum when need to. Make a registration using the Devasya Five Element format : DFE/Free_IGN_FBname.

1-3: Recruitment of new members shall be limited to level 60 only (preferably Addicted to NS and an Emblem User) and they will be subject under the direct supervision of the investigative body of the clan who monitors Behavior, Dedication and Activeness of the individual. Any reckless move is a ground for their dismissal in the clan without any warning.

1-4: New members are also required to submit their names and e-mail adds to the Clan Master for security purposes. He shall make investigations regarding the applicant’s history. This is to assure that any spy has no room in the clan and to avoid sabotage.

1-5: All Members are mandated to post character profile in the forum for the admins|modes|clan officials to identify the individual having characters in the Devasya Five Element. For strict compliance. Failure to follow instructions will be a ground to dismissal.

1-6: Members shall observe team work. Members before going to clan battles are mandated to wait for the Scout/Signal Master what and when the main target will be attack in quick battle(manual battle are prohibited at this moment). Always attack precisely because every drop of our stamina must gain reputation rather than consumed by defending. Sometimes strategy may change without prior notice so all must pay attention and cooperate on what our clan master agreed upon. Do not attack when the order has not yet been carried out.

1-7: Members shall observe respect to admins|modes|clan officials. Every time you're attention being called be polite in answering and even if you ask queries address it nicely.

1-8: Cooperate and participate in clan wars and in our forum. Posting in forum must be in order and avoid spamming.

1-9: Using 3rd party software|hack|cheats in the clan are strictly prohibited. Automatic dismissal to the member if found guilty.

1-10: Always Log in to Forum every time you go ONLINE. Spend 5-10 minutes in reading Updates and Clan Announcement(Mandatory).

1-11: Ask permission to the Admins/Modes before raising questions when discussion is going on. Do not interrupt to any discussion made by CM-Admins-Modes. Wait until your permission will be granted before posting it in public.

1-12: All members can not answer back with in 5mis, that individual must be ban/kick out from the chat room (when ask PW or something). Members are given 3 chances (1st - 3rd warning kicked out of chat room), a certain member who commit the 4th offense will be banned from the chat room and 7 days banned from Devasya Five Element Forum.
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